What is Aqua Fit?

Aqua Fit is a non-weight bearing form of exercise which does not have the same impact on joints as when exercising on dry land therefore the range or movement and intensity can be far greater and very beneficial to our bodies.

Aqua classes can help to improve your fitness, develop muscle tone, help with weight loss and also strengthen your abdominal s and core.

The 45 minute class is designed for you to go at your own pace therefore, no matter what your goal, you have the option to work at an intensity that suits you.

Music is played during the class to motivate you and you may even feel like singing along to give you a psychological boost to go with the physical one you will surely feel once you begin to join in the fun.

Classes are taught from the side of the pool where the teacher can properly demonstrate the movements to help you every step of the way.

You won’t even feel like you are exercising as being in the water is very relaxing, and particular parts of the body are targeted during each exercise.

What to wear...
When you attend the class, ladies please wear a one piece swim suite which also gives you support and gentleman shorts or swim trunks.
If you feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt over your costume please do. Avoid wearing jewellery and please be aware that your hair may get wet. Waverley School Pool has a strictly no hat no swim policy but you will not be asked submerge under water this does not apply. If you do intend to submerge, we would ask that you please wear a swimming cap.