To all at TTP,

S & D have really loved their time with you. They have both progressed so well and we would like to say a big thank  you to you all. We are sad to be leaving and will miss you.

M. New (July 2019)


Please book Lauren in for the week commencing 23rd July

By the way we just wanted to say that we’re impressed with Lauren’s progress whist at TTP, she tells me it is  now one of her favourite activities she does! Thank you  :D

Kind regards

Ming (June 2018)


I'm so glad we came for a final session today to say goodbye. We will miss you all very much. Thank you for being so considerate and understanding. 

 Zay spoke to Stewart himself today to let him know. He's come SUCH a long way not just with his swimming but also with his confidence since he started with you so thank you and hope you enjoy the choccies.

(Autumn 2017)


‘Connie ABSOLUTELY LOVED her lesson and wants a daily lesson – she asks yesterday & this morning whether she can go again today! So great start for both. You run a wonderful school with a great team of instructors J


Mary McCauley (Mother of John Phil & Connie Boyle)( Jan 2017).


We won't be coming back to swim school as we've moved house just before christmas and its too hard for us to get to you now. We've really enjoyed our time with you and you've been amazing at getting my childrens confidence in the water up!


Please could you release our place for someone else.


Mrs Michael (Jan 2017)

I can't thank you and the team enough for all that you've done for Brandon, I love watching him swim and burst with pride seeing how he loves the water and swims so confidently and this I owe to you and the team.
We will miss you all dearly and will continue to recommend swim school at every opportunity. 
Wishing you all the very best.
Naddy Jiwany-Low. (April 20016)


"Just wanted to add, Joseph absolutely loves coming to his swimming lessons. What a difference from when he first started - whilst he enjoyed it then too, he started off being afraid of getting his face wet, but now, his confidence is so much better and his swimming lessons are the highlight of his week! I can't tell you how proud we were when he first ducked under the water to collect objects from the bottom of the pool. Thanks to you and your wonderful team!'

"Just wanted to say we are really happy with the swimming lessons Eve really loves it, as soon as it is finished she asks when she can go back. The classes are small which means that you get more one to one attention and the facilities are great. A parent of a little boy in Evie's class said that he was happy to have changed from a swimming school in Southbury and that Take the Plunge was really good value for money because of its small classes. The teachers are really good with the children, my son and daughter look forward to Saturday each week. Got some feedback from my son's teacher, he is making progress and tries hard. My daughter smiles all the way through her lesson, really pleased to have done it, and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to start swimming classes for their child"

Ms A (Waverley)

"I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Take The Plunge Swim School. Jackie's professionalism and approach to me as a parent (who has a fear of water) was caring and helpful from the outset. I approached the swim school as I had spoken to other parents who had highly recommended the school to me. My little boy (age 5) has had his first session (which incidentally was his first time in a swimming pool because of my own phobia) and I was delighted at how much he smiled and participated throughout! I sat poolside and experienced first-hand how Jackie's lively and fun personality ensured that all the children in the group had a positive and safe experience. I myself felt reassured and empowered all in one! My little boy has communicated his eagerness about going back again next week. Thank you so much for your dedication, support and excellent standards!" (Waverley)

"Silver!!! well done to him :-) please don't feel you have to push him any harder to get his Gold, if he can and does that's a different story, from day one when he started in xxxxxxx all those years ago, my 'thing' wasn't for him to be an Olympic swimmer but to be able to interact, be confident in water and if he swam, then that was a bonus. Your kindness, attitude, understanding, hard work and perseverance are eternally grateful and till this day now, I still tell the story of xxxxx being 'thrown out' of xxxxx because the 2 parents complained about him and how YOU rescued him, (I've actually got tearful now) You and your wonderful staff have been amazing and have taught be there are some fantastic people out there willing to help a child to swim.....help ANY child swim! Thank you with all my heart"

"My daughter Sula could not attend on Friday, but I wanted to leave positive feedback. She is a deaf child and was in group without signed support. She was with Jackie 1030 to 11 and had an enjoyable week of swimming. Sula practised various strokes and was pleased to be instructed in treading water too. She accessed the lessons well because communication was clear and concise. Sula said that 'Jackie is Deaf aware' and felt confident because of this. That made me feel that she was being instructed well and felt included in the group. Good inclusive swimming lessons are rare, and I am glad Sula attended (it made the travel from Hackney worthwhile)." (Summer intensive course).

"I just wanted to feedback that I thought the lessons were brilliant. I think the main success is the attitude and skills of the teachers. They all genuinely seem to enjoy spending time with the children and are full of enthusiasm which inspires the children. They are also very sensitive to the children's needs which in turn increases the children's confidence. Eloise has made so much progress both in terms of confidence and swimming ability since joining your lessons." (Summer intensive course)

"Thanks for the questionnaire info that was very informative, my two utterly love you're classes and I just wanted to say thanks for all you're hard work and commitment. They loved summer course and ill def book them in for Easter, if it goes ahead." (Summer intensive course


"Just a quick note to say thank you for putting in the summer swim school. Nathan and his friends had an amazing time and he can't wait to start in September!" (Summer intensive course)


"Thank you so much for your time, care, attention & support you have given over the years. With your caring nature, knowledge and awareness of hes needs, you have helped him flourish in his confidence. We will miss you and your professional staff." (Turnford School)


"Thank you for teaching me swimming. I love swimming now." (Waverley School)