TTP Swim School Ltd

Welcome to TTP Swim School Ltd

We are a family run swim school based at Waverley School, Enfield, EN3 7DL

About TTP Swim School

Thank you for your interest in our swimming lessons.

We wish for students and parents to have positive experiences during their time with us, and to remember their experience long after they have moved on to join swimming clubs or participate in other aquatic disciplines

Learning to swim is a vital skill that will last a lifetime.

We aim to develop our pupils to feel and to be safe in and around water. Our hope is that they leave us as proficient swimmers, who also have the skills and confidence required to enjoy other water based activities such as lifesaving, water polo, synchronized swimming, diving, kayaking , canoeing or simply just enjoying the water with family and/or friends.

TTP Swim School Ltd teachers carry a wealth of experience of teaching different age groups and levels. Many of our teachers also have experience of working with swimmers with additional needs as part of small groups, or in private lesson sessions.

Our teachers are qualified and have undergone DBS checks.

We offer low pupil/teacher ratios for group lessons also offer private lesson options for both adults and children.

Our Classes


We start our programme for swimmers aged 4+ and offer cygnet classes alongside our regular programme. Cygnet classes have a maximum of 4 pupils per teacher and take place in the designated toddler area of the pool. Not only is this a safe way to learn, it has proven to be very helpful to our younger swimmers in promoting the idea of being in a class environment and following instructions, as well as attaining the correct body position required for swimming and building confidence and developing water awareness.

Group lessons for children aged 5+ are available from beginner level right through to advanced swimmers. These classes have a maximum of just 6 pupils per teacher to ensure that swimmers have a positive (and fun!) experience in the water as they learn new skills or build upon existing skills.

Arm bands are not used during our lessons but other buoyance aids are provided and used by TTP Swim School Ltd.


We offer a range of group lessons for adult swimmers starting from complete beginners through to more experienced swimmers looking to improve their strokes and technique.

Adult classes are friendly and informal with a maximum of 6 adults per teacher. This small pupil teacher ratio ensures that all swimmers receive attention during the lesson. Adult swimmers are also given the opportunity to practice independently and are supported with any particular challenges or concerns they have with their stroke. Our adult lessons are informal and fun with lots of laughter and positive energy.


Private lessons generally take place at the same time and with the same teacher every week and must be book for the duration of the whole term (typically  term consists of 11 or 12 session).

An area of the pool is allocated to the  private lesson depending on the height, age and ability of the swimmer.  There will be other lessons taking place before, at the same time and after private lesson slots.

Private lesson bookings offer a 1:1 and 1:2 or 1:3 option which are suitable for both adults and children. Private lessons  offer a full 30 minutes of individual contact time for the swimmer (s) and are suitable for nervous swimmers, those with additional needs, swimmers who want to learn/focus on specific strokes or just for those who simply want or prefer a lesson personalised to suit their needs.

Additional Needs

We provide lessons for swimmers with additional needs.

At the point of enquiry, we discuss the needs of the swimmer with the enquirer and together explore the options for the swimmer to join main group classes or of having a private lesson.

We take into account the physical and cognitive ability of the swimmer and their ability to follow instruction before deciding whether  private or group lessons will be safe and beneficial.

Our Pool

Waverley School (Sunday)

Main Pool:

Pool length: 15m
Pool width: 10m
Shallow end: 1m
Deep end: 1.5m

Separate Small Pool:

Pool depth: 0.9m
Suitable for beginner swimmers aged 4 – 5 and for some swimmers with additional needs.

Our Prices

Please see our pricing structure moving forward. The fee reflects group class sizes of just 5 swimmers per instructor.

All fee’s shown are per 12 lesson term. You are required to book your lessons in termly blocks.


Group Lessons
Child 1 in a family will pay
Child 2 in the same family will pay£109.00 *
Child 3 in the same family will pay£104.00*

* child prices only apply to siblings in the same family.


Private Lesson

1:1 or 1:2 lessons options for children or adults
Private 1:1 for 1 swimmer + teacher£28.00 per lesson
Private 1:2 for 2 swimmers + teacher£38.00 per lesson

Please use the examples below as guidance for termly fee calculations.

Example 1Example 2
Family of 2 swimmers in group classes
12 lesson term
Family of 3 swimmers, 1 private & 2 group classes
12 lesson term
Swimmer 1 - £114
Swimmer 2 - £109.00
Swimmer 1 - £28.00 x 12 = £336.00
Swimmer 2 - £109.00
Swimmer 3 -£104.00
Total term price £223.00 for a family with 2 children for a 12-lesson termTotal term price £549.00 for a family with 3 children. 2 group and 1 private (1:1) for a 12-lesson term

Term Dates

Summer Term 2021 Ends

Friday 16th July  

Friday lessons between 3.30pm & 6.30pm

Saturday 17th July

Saturday lessons between 9.00am – 5.45pm

Sunday 18th July

Sunday lessons between 2.30pm & 6.00pm


Autumn Term 2021

Friday: 10th Sep – Friday  3rd Dec

Friday lessons between 3.30pm & 7.00pm

Saturday: 11th Sep – Saturday 4th Dec

Saturday lessons between 9.00am – 5.45pm

Sunday: 12th Sept – Sunday 5th Dec

Sunday lessons between 2.30pm & 6.00pm

No lessons on Friday 29th, Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st October due to the half term break. 

Spring Term 2022


Contact Us

Please use the form below to Contact Us and we will endeavour to respond ASAP. Alternatively please call us on the number below.