Swimmer Categories



This category is for complete beginners up to swimmers who are able to confidently travel for up to 5 metres unaided.
Swimmers in or Cygnet, Beginner or Beginner 1 classes are in this category.



This category is for swimmers who are water confident and can float on both their front & back unaided. They can typically travel between 5 & 10 metres unaided of a recognised stroke on both front and back.
Swimmers in our Class 1 or Class 1+ are in this category.



Spanning across 4 classes, swimmers in this category are confident when swimming across deep widths, half lengths or full lengths of the pool. Swimmers move into the intermediate category being able to swim approximately 10-15 metres of frontcrawl and backstroke and be working towards
Swimmers in our Class 2, Class 2+, Class 3 or Class 4 are in this category.



Swimmers in this category are swimming lengths of the pool and working towards swimming distances of 200m+. Increasing distance while maintaining good strokes swimmers work towards achieving distance and obtaining and bronze, silver & gold awards.
Swimmers in our Class 5 or Class 6 are in this category.