Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend your private lesson and give notice of 3 full days or more, please expect to be charged :- 50% of the lesson fee.

If you are unable to attend a private lesson and cancel within 2 days or do not attend the lesson for any reason, please expect to be charged:- 100% of the lesson fee.

These charges apply for a maximum of 2 sessions for each block of lessons. If more than 2 sessions are missed within one block, full session fees will apply for the remainder of the term. Unfortunately we are unable to carry missed lessons over into the new term; however, we operate an informal lesson swap system where it may be possible to swap lessons with other swimmers when we are given advance notice of cancellations.
Cancellation refunds and swaps only apply to private lesson bookings; however, we will try to accommodate siblings if there is availability in a suitable class at or around the same time.